30 Day Step-by-Step Coaching with Ken

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What is Being Offered to You by Ken Pringle

  • Step by Step Help with your website creation
    • selecting a style and format
    • selecting and implementing graphics
    • creating and inserting valuable content
    • Then monetizing the website.
  • Hosting options and (what we recommend)
    • shared hosting
    • dedicated server hosting
    • cloud hosting
  • Content building strategies (the right way)
    • what kind of content
    • best layout
    • font style
  • Daily action based tasks for your online business (required)
    • this will include searches for useful components
    • finding graphics
    • and possibly a lot of writing
  • Weekly conference room sessions for Q & A and follow-up
    • these are to benefit you, as questions come up write then down and ask.
    • I am on video camera in my conference room
    • You will have questions, I will have answers.

This Will Not Be Easy But It Is Simple

During this training, I am going to be honest and not hold anything back when it
comes to offering my advice. I do this because, I want you to be accountable for
your actions. My intention is to help guide your growth in your business as well
as your lifestyle. We can only do this with trust through honest integrity.

Just follow along and do what I recommend and you will do just fine.
You will have many successes, and fun on the journey.

Sorry but if you deviate from the step by step instructions, you may be kicked
out of the program and your money will NOT be refunded. We are here to learn.
I only have 24 hours in a day, like you. This is why we have a getting acquainted
session before we start, to be sure we want to and need to work together.

My Promise To You

If you follow my step-by-step training for the full 30 days then I promise that
you will have many successes from your business that we create together.
I teach the KISS principle. (Keep It Simple Succeed)

The Investment

Because this is going to consume a good deal of my time and I am revealing
the “secrets” of online success to you, the price should reflect this.
REALLY think about what you are getting, my time, and expert knowledge.
I will be sharing from my many years of experience, and you get this
valuable investment in YOUR business and your future lifestyle.
You will have a business of your own with the proper tools and an online website.

Here is the breakdown:

  • I have been very blessed with a great lifestyle and a great deal of knowledge.
  • Therefore, I am offering this price for a short time to give back to this great profession.
      • $1197 for 30 days for 12 one hour group session, three per week.
        That is way below my usual pay scale as it will soon be for you too. 🙂
      • There will only be a maximum of 10 people in the room at any one time.
      • Open to discuss any additional extra sessions.


    • I am sorry but Registration is TEMPORARILY CLOSED!


  • If you want to know more please Contact Ken.

This is a one time payment of $1197 Enroll Today



  • After a lot of requests, I am now offering private 1 on 1 coaching to those who are
    serious about accelerating their business to the point of replacing their income.
    Price depends on the individual need. Private discussions only.


Space is Limited

I am only going to accept 10 people into this program at any one time because
I want to offer the BEST Step-by Step Coaching to YOU!


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I am here to help guide you to the successes you want and need. Your success is my goal.
In exchange I only ask you for a testimonial about your experience with my coaching.