The Ferrari Give Away contest begins Monday April 1st, 2013 and finishes at mid night Tuesday April 30th, 2013.


You must hold an active and paid account with Pure Leverage that is current and in good standing order.

This contest is open to all Paying RESELLING MEMBERS for Pure Leverage.


You must be a paid RESELLER at the $19.97 Level for Pure Leverage.

You must enroll 40 paid RESELLERS per week, for a total of 160 paid resellers for the month. This means you have to have 40 per week. If you sign up 160 the last week you won't win. We need to consistent promotions on your part.

A Pure Leverage member with the highest overall paid reseller totals for the month of April 2013, will win the Ferrari.


You must be at least 21 years of age and the winner must provide a Valid and current Drivers License as well as proof of insurance before the Ferrari is released to the contest winner.

No incentivized sales. You can NOT pay for someone to join Pure Leverage. You can NOT offer to refund anyone. We are looking for real resellers NOT bribed sales. You can offer your own bonuses.

Winner will pay for shipping and duty outside of USA.

The winner will be given the choice. To take the 2007 F430 Spider Ferrari or take the cash of the sales price. The winner must understand by taking the cash settlement. A time frame of 4 months must be given to GVO in order to sell the Ferrari. If the car is not sold within 4 months, then we will drop the price until it is sold. In other words, whatever someone is willing to pay for the Ferrari is the cash you will get.

The refund or charge back rate on all sales will count against the statistical company average for the month of April. If your refund rate is 10% higher than the statistical average those sales will be considered fraud.