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I will be using this as a base training for my groups.
There is nothing better online and I can not spend
all the time it takes to repeat this fantastic training.
The community involvement here is totally Awesome.

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I Ken Pringle can guide you to some great options to grow your business.
I can guide and teach you the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Succeed)
I will share with you the best ways to build your business.
I will coach you through the why, how, where, and when, in my
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Second: You will need web hosting. I recommend HostGarou
for fast reliable hosting service.


Next you will need an autoresponder, you need the to build your email list.
Here I recommend TrafficWave. Great price and fantastic service and support.

TrafficWave Autoresponders

You’ve probably been told the money is in the list, however
I can tell you the money is in the Relationship with your list.
An email list is one of the most valuable assets you can have
and is something you should should start building soon.

Did you know 50 to 80% of the people that come to your site
will never return. That’s means they are lost to you forever.
Did you also know it takes on average 7 to 10 memorable
contacts (connections) before someone is willing to make a
purchase or join your business.
When you get these visitors on your mailing list you now have
the opportunity to build a relationship with them.
Make those connections.

And once they know, like and trust you they will buy from or join
your business.
Once you have created your lead magnet – which is the ethical
bribe you offer to get people on your mailing list.
And once you have provided them with your offer you’re going
to continue providing your list with valuable information on a
regular basis as well as notifying them of things going on – on
your website. Create a follow up series linking to the content
or training that you provide.

Each email should have your website link to your specific training
– they can watch the training.

This is all part of the process, build a relationship with your list.
I don’t sell them, I don’t pitch them – I inform, I guide them and
I help them.

Here’s the secret to this….
On your site and for your subscribers – Give, Give and Give
some more – never hold back, never hide anything.

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