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People Join People

"People who join people, not products and companies, build longevity in their friendships and businesses. People join or purchase from people they know like and trust. Build the relationship, the rest will follow. Will you build a new friendship today?"

Well, to follow up on this relationship marketing method, I have joined a program to test my theory. I am not going to talk about that program in this post; this is not a promotional post. The point I want to share is that I have made many new friends in this program. Time will tell the real story; I intend to follow the relationship method.

At the time of this writing, I have been with this new program for about eight months now, making friends, helping in the community when I could, and sharing valuable information with each other. I am becoming known to these great people as The Relationship Marketer. I get to meet from all over the world. I spend any spare time I have getting to know what they want and trying to guide them to what they need.

When you share the knowledge, you have gained over the years with others to help them avoid some of the pitfalls you encountered on your journey, you position yourself to gain a lot of trusts.

Be honest. Never try to lead someone where you have never been. If you do not know the answer to someone's question, say so then Guide that person to where they can get the correct answer.

I have gained many new friends in my other programs using the relationship method. I have also learned a great deal and joined several great tool programs I did not know before using this method. I call this Continuing Education. We need to remain teachable and flexible all the time. I teach others, and I also learn from others every day.

Building the relationship first creates longevity in our business and our personal lives. Remember that success is the Journey, Not the Destination!

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