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What is Success?
Success is the Journey, Not the Destination! When you are looking for success, know what this is for you. I assure you success is different for different people. Some want money, lots of it, and I can tell you it is never enough, the more you get, the more you want. If you chase money in your pursuit, you will not have sustainable success. You have to care about people, to build longevity in life, and business relationships.

When you use the relationship method instead of the selling method, people will seek you out and want to learn your strategies, that is an achievement. I personally never sell anything, I educate people about what I do; they decide whether to join or not. This method builds your friendships and trust; together, you will have many great successes on your Journey.

When you implement this recommended method, you will see growth and longevity in your business and lifestyle. (You should always make a friend first before you ask for her hand in marriage, which is just an example of course.) Why would you not do the same in a business relationship? I do this, and it works great! I have been in this Profession for a lot of years. Believe me, when you have helped enough people get what they want, by educating them on what they need, you will have what you want.

So success it would seem then depends on the person's perspective. Some think success is accumulating material things; some think it is landing the partnership, in a big law firm, it can be many things. I believe success is the number of people I have helped, not the number in my bank account, or the material things I possess. I believe in a hand up, not a handout, if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for life.

The Journey!


How do you build the lifestyle I am talking about; first, you have to Have the right mindset. You have to want to help others find their Dreams and goals. You have to know; you will not find success working For someone else. You should partner with people who have the same vision as you, or at least, close to the same.

Share and explore different ideas, implement the best ones, work together, so everyone feels like they contribute, you can build a strong team and longevity this way.
The Profession I am talking about is not easy, but it is simple. If you are teachable, open-minded and willing to put in some work, together we can create the lifestyle of your dreams. That is what I do I educate people about the possibilities. Then I teach them how to do the same for others, pay it forward.

Your sphere should be your first contact, people you know. If you do not share with them, someone else will. After that, Linkedin is good, and Craigslist can be ok. Social Media, I never had a lot of luck with most of them. But wherever you can educate people about the solution you have for them, events like craft shows, sports shows, car shows, you get the idea. They work great; wherever people gather, you have an audience. I like the personal education method; you do not know what you do not know.

You have access to all the knowledge in your back office. You do not have to know it all, that is not duplicatable. I often say I will get you the answer even if I know it already. That is duplicatable.

Another tip: I never sell anything, I educate people on what I have found, and they can buy if they like. People do not like to be force sold anything, but they do like to purchase.

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